1: Olivia Dunne's gymnastics practice turns dangerous when a flip goes wrong.

2: Watch as Olivia's routine goes awry, leaving her injured and in pain.

3: The terrifying moment as Olivia falls during a daring move on the balance beam.

4: Fans hold their breath as Olivia struggles to recover from the frightening mishap.

5: Witness the tense atmosphere as Olivia's coaches rush to her side to assess the damage.

6: In a heart-stopping video, Olivia's teammates watch in horror as she stumbles during her routine.

7: The dangerous turn of events forces Olivia to rethink her approach to training.

8: Despite the scare, Olivia remains determined to overcome the setback and continue pursuing her passion.

9: Stay tuned to see how Olivia's gymnastics journey unfolds after the frightening incident.

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