1: Meet Tiana Sumanasekera, the talented 16-year-old US gymnast on her journey to LA 2028.

2: Training alongside Simone Biles, Tiana is determined to reach her Olympic dreams.

3: Tiana's dedication and hard work are evident in her flawless routines and fierce competition spirit.

4: With guidance from Simone Biles, Tiana strives for excellence in every routine.

5: Tiana's passion for gymnastics shines through as she trains rigorously for the 2028 Olympics in LA.

6: Despite her youth, Tiana's talent and determination make her a force to be reckoned with in the gymnastics world.

7: Tiana's unwavering focus and commitment to training set her apart as a rising star in the sport.

8: As Tiana continues to hone her skills, she remains laser-focused on her goal of competing in LA 2028.

9: Follow Tiana's inspiring journey as she pushes herself to new heights in pursuit of Olympic glory.

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