1: Discover 10 Celebrities' Favorite Lemon Martini Recipes! 🍋🍸

2: 1. Beyoncé's Spicy Lemon Martini: A sassy twist on a classic!

3: 2. George Clooney's Fresh Lemon Basil Martini: Citrus meets herbs for a refreshing sip.

4: 3. Jennifer Aniston's Honey Lemon Martini: Sweet, tangy perfection in every glass.

5: 4. Ryan Reynolds' Ginger Lemon Martini: A zesty kick with a hint of spice.

6: 5. Taylor Swift's Lavender Lemon Martini: Floral notes mixed with citrus bliss.

7: 6. Chrissy Teigen's Coconut Lemon Martini: Tropical vibes in every sip!

8: 7. Justin Timberlake's Cucumber Lemon Martini: Cool and crisp with a hint of lemon.

9: 8. Scarlett Johansson's Raspberry Lemon Martini: A fruity twist on a classic cocktail.